What is an e111 Card?

In short, an E111 card or EHIC is a health insurance card that is solely European, European Health Insurance Card- EHIC. This card is issued by your already existing national health insurance provider and is a free card that can temporarily give you full access to healthcare when it is absolutely medically necessary. It covers a healthcare stay, whether short or long-term, in all 28 European countries as well as Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Many people confuse it to be an alternative insurance to what they already have, but it is vital for people to realize that it does NOT cover private healthcare or private costs. An E111 also does not cover travel expenses that occur when traveling to receive medical treatment you may need, and it most definitely does not guarantee any services to be free.

How to Apply for an e111 card

Applying for as well as e111 renewal is a fairly simple process. You must contact your private health insurance company that holds your insurance policy. They will get you an application and from there determine if you are eligible to receive the free healthcare card. If your application is approved your private insurance company will issue you a card as soon as they can. However, if you apply for a card and your application is not approved you do have the ability to make an appeal. If you feel as though your rights have been taken from you, you can contact Your Europe Advice and receive a step by step on how to prove your rights were violated, why you deserve a card, and what you can do to make sure your application is approved when your appeal is processed.

Who is eligible to receive the card?

In order to qualify for a card, you, the applicant, must be insured by a private health insurance company or by the state’s social security system. Within a family, each member of the family asking for medical assistance needs to apply for their own card. People who are not European nationals but hold citizenship and are covered by a European health insurance policy are eligible for an e111/EHIC card; despite the fact that they are eligible for a card, they cannot use their EHIC in the European countries of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Denmark.

What to do if your European Health Insurance Card is not accepted internationally

If you arrive in a new country or travel abroad away from home to receive an approved medical treatment while relying on your e111 card to work, it is nothing short of a scary and stressful situation when the authorities do not accept your card! The solution is a simple one, all you have to do is have your private health insurer at home to contact the authorities, doctors, hospitals, etc. to help settle the matter for you. You can also go online at SOLVIT to get any additional services you need.