The Best Go Up in Non-Smoke: eJuice for eVaping in 2018

In the land of ejuice, also referred to as eliquid – or eblow if you’re nasty, there are device delivery styles and vapor flavors to suit every personality. You can find them on just about every continent, though some Discovery Channel footage even seems to depict a teetering penguin or two! We won’t approach that persona here although more and more locations have legalized recreational cannabis products and some flavors do approach the issue. Here, we will cover enough to keep happy all who fall along the continuum from traveling adventurer, to those seeking freedom from nicotine all the way to the stay-at-home chill-master. Entering into 2018, consumers have spoken and all reviews, forum chatter and sales reports point to VaporFi and Apollo as the best e-cigarette brands for the complete array.


Generally speaking you will not have a problem finding products befitting the general vaping fan anywhere you travel, yet New Zealand has the lock-in on this portion of the e-cigarette market. The typical ejuice contains three ingredient considerations. The vaporing agent which is found in either vegetable glycol form, referred to as VG or propylene glycol, or PG. Both are common food additives just like another ingredient consideration, flavouring, but users who suffer from allergies typically elect the vegetable type. Thirdly, there is the ingredient consideration expressed by percentage and that is nicotine and eliquid can range from 0 to 4.8% content of it. There are several well-known brands, some majoring in the ejuice and others focusing on the device and still others excelling in a combination of both offers. In this way, some are known in ejuice circles for their exceptional, efficient and clean delivery devices, while others gain more acclaim for their eliquid magic. Going by sales and reviews, there are several key points that a merchant venturing into the electronic vaping world will want to prepare to consider when positioning for market. One, clientele will fit into categories by flavor preferences. Two, customers will express difference per device affinities. One route to go to address these e-cigarette market facts is to provide that which is evergreen. Certain ejuice flavors are viewed as standard to have available and they run the typical gamut that you would find in any substance administered through the mouth. These flavors that seem characteristically tasteful to the mouth include grape, orange cream, mint, cinnamon, coffee, tropical, cotton candy, bubble gum, apple and vanilla. It appears cherry and cola do not transfer well through the e-cigarette. As for the e-cigarette aisle, the conservatively invested merchant would be keen to include a nondescript, standard tank type, a standard type of device that’s stylishly fashionable for public, social engagements and then, also, the more concealer styled pipe-pen type. Topping the list for brands in this section are JoyeTech, Elitar and the Zelos line offered by Aspire.


For the pleasantly noticeable e-cigarette for the social butterfly, we head to Australia. A second way to consistent and successfully address customers’ purchasing habits is to offer the new and trendy e-cigarette products. This sort of merchant would be keen to carry the latest ejuice flavors and etanks from all of the brands already mentioned above. Some other flavors would be found here as well. They present a bit more of an edgy vaping experience and include such unique ejuice names as eve’s milk, donuts’ doom and pimp spice. Then there’s yet another cadre of flavors reserved for the possible self-hater and they include those of shady nomenclature such as smurf’s blood and dragon fire. Forums and newsletters like ECF, The Vaping Forum, Vaping Insider, E-cigarette Reviewed and VaporUnderground News consistently show brands like Zenith, Eleaf, and Sigelei as the top bidders across the board for this section of the e-cigarette market.


So we’ve covered everything to garner profitable establishments, whether online or brick & mortar, for the e-cigarette merchant. Yet there remains another niche in vaping wonderland that must be considered, and for that, we head to Amsterdam, the mecca of innocent and worldly vice long before Vegas. Fittingly, we find the venue EBlow where people from around the world gather to share their likes of every level of substance you can jam into an electronic pipe and survive. Every eliquid flavor nuance is required here. This is where you will find the Bob Villas and the Scott McGillivrays of the e-cigarette world. If you’re considering a spot like this, perhaps on an emotionally challenged and catastrophic day you may sell a manufactured or pre-fab epipe here. But if you’re in it to win it, you’d better maintain a wide selection of atomizers that are rebuildable (RBAs), ‘retankable’ (RTAs) and drip rebuild or replaceable (RDAs). This is where the serious vaping connoisseurs hang out and only customization will suffice. For that you’re going to have to carry products by Innokin and Smok, and at a full spectrum from vintage to new to experimental. And while Amsterdam’s EBlow vaping club seems to have cornered this section of the e-cigarette market, we may hear an objection or two from the Vapor Life companies of south Florida.

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